SIN – is a singer-songwriter first known from acoustic-pop band ‘Singular’ in Thailand.  Every song and hits single such as 24.7, Second Chance, Long (Try), Ni-Run, or Bao-bao (Tender) are written by SIN himself. He is also a co-producer of the band’s second studio album Spirit and his upcoming solo album.

In addition to working as a band, SIN also performed as a featured artist on many hit singles of renowned Thai and international artists. He featured in Share My World, the single of Japanese acoustic guitar duo Depapepe released in Japan and other countries in Asia. Also, he featured with Lula in ‘Possible’ (2013) - the number one single on the radio in Thailand and its video has received over 22 million views on YouTube.

Reung-Jing (2012), a soundtrack of the film Sat2Mon, is his first solo single. The video has received more than 37 million views on YouTube. Besides, he had worked together with a Japanese Sound Composer in the song Yiew-Ya (Cure), a soundtrack of the film Last Summer which was a Thai selected film for Busan International Film Festival 2013 in South Korea and also won The Thailand National Film Association Awards for Best Ost. 2014

‘GOODBYE’ the first single from his anticipated solo album is now available.
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